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tv   America This Morning  ABC  May 22, 2017 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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making news in america this morning, president trump in israel for the second leg of his foreign trip. what's on his agenda and why his direct flight from saudi arabia to israel is historic. live team coverage ahead. we have new pictures showing the moment north korea launched another missile. hear what kim jong-un said. a little girl ripped from a dock and pulled into the water. this morning a witness talks about the terrifying ordeal. and strong enough. cher rocks at the billboard music awards with another icon wat watching. a good monday morning.
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we begin with president trump in israel today following a major speech in saudi arabia. >> he departed riyadh for tel aviv meeting with prime minister benjamin netanyahu today and likely addressed middle east peace. >> in saudi arabia the president rallied the leaders of nearly every muslim country and did soften his tone on islam while calling for unity in the war on terror. >> live team coverage on the president's trip, molly hunter standing by in london but we start with abc's elizabeth hur in washington. good morning, elizabeth. >> reporter: kendis and diane, good morning. israeli officials say they are ready to welcome president trump and eager to talk about ways to promote peace. and meanwhile, over the weekend the president was well received in saudi arabia, but critics say that's because of what was left out of his major speech. president trump's first foreign trip since taking office forging ahead with a packed agenda in israel meeting with the israeli president this morning then visiting the western wall before ending the day with prime
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minister benjamin netanyahu. >> mr. president, we look forward to your visit. the citizens of israel will receive you with open arms. >> reporter: the warm welcome coming on the heels of a whi whirlwind weekend. >> a better future is only possible if your nations drive out the terrorists and drive out the extremists. >> reporter: wrap be up his visit with a speech that included a message of unity and a challenge for the muslim nations to take the lead in the fight against terrorism. >> drive them out of your communities. drive them out of your holy land and drive them out of this earth. >> reporter: but his message as president notably missing a key phrase he deemed crucial as a candidate during his campaign. >> radical islamic terrorism. >> reporter: president trump never once mentioned human
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rights in his speech which according to aides were addressed behind the scenes. but publicly his message was clear. >> we are not here to lecture. we are not here to tell other people how to live. >> reporter: well, white house officials maintain the goal of this trip is reset relations with key regional allies because they say the obama administration was disengaged. kendis and diane. >> all right, that's elizabeth hur live for us from washington. thanks. and the president's stop in israel comes under tight security as he plans to visit both israeli and palestinian territories. >> abc's molly hunter is live for us in london. you were based in jerusalem for much of the last three years. the president has a busy agenda. those goals that elizabeth talked about, what are the challenges ahead? >> reporter: there are a lot of challenges, kendis, but goal number one is kick-starring that peace process, getting prime minister netanyahu and president abbas back at the table. how he'll do that with what
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bargaining chips we don't know. he's spoken in broad, sweeping statements. a huge platitude about what he wants to do, he wants this ultimate deal but he's going to have to start drilling down into those details if he wants those two leaders back at the table. >> and, molly, why is this flight, the direct flight from saudi arabia to israel so historic? >> reporter: we think it's the first time a u.s. president has done this. now, diane, you can't fly this route commercially, in fact, there are a lot of routes in the middle east that you can't buy a ticket for and you if look at the flight path there are all sorts of middle east airlines that avoid certain countries and particularly countries, of course, that don't have diplomatic relationships with israel, saudi included so this is a nod to the growing connection between saudi -- the other states and israel but symbolism aside we'll have to wait to see if it mashes a new era. >> even the press plane has to stop in cyprus beforehand before it goes to tel aviv. as james comey prepares to
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testify on capitol hill, lawmakers are demanding to see notes he reportedly kept on his meetings with president trump. >> members of both parties are also asking for transcripts from the oval office meeting with russian diplomats in which president trump reportedly called comey a nut job. allegedly adding that firing comey took the pressure off him in the russia investigation. >> is that what the president said? >> well, i don't remember exactly what the president said and the notes that they apparently have i don't think are direct transcripts but the gist of the conversation was that the president feels as if he's hamstrung. >> a number of republicans have expressed concerns about the conversation including the chair of the house oversight committee. he says he expects to speak with comey today. and while the president travels the white house is set to roll out a budget proposal calling for large cuts to safety net programs and increased spending on defense and border security. according to the associated press the proposal will cut $193
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billion in food stamps over the next decade. that's in addition to reductions in medicaid, federal worker pensions and farm subsidies. tuesday's budget proposal will reportedly include paid leave for parent, a $200 billion infrastructure plan and hikes in border security spending. new this morning, north korea threatening to step up its weapons program. this morning the north announced its plans to mass produce the medium-range missile it launched over the weekend. overnight the north also fired a solid fuel rocket that flew about 300 miles. those sort of missiles are harder to detect. south korea says the launch quoting here through goldwater on peace efforts. time for us to take a look at the weather. heavy rain and thunderstorms stretching from the gulf coast to the northeast with up to 4 inches of rain expected in some parts. forecasters are warning to expect flash flooding. a funnel cloud touched down near
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katy, texas, sunday afternoon. tiny one as stormy weather blew through. the national weather service has since confirmed it was a tornado. here's a live look at new york's times square where it's starting to rain as you can see, downpours could get heavy in much of the northeast today. vice president mike pence gave the commencement address at notre dame yesterday but before he started speaking, this happened. >> yeah, dozens of graduates walked out in a silent protest. his subject was on the suppression of free speech on college campuses. and he did not actually comment on that walkout. still ahead right here, curtain call. ringling brothers take its final bow after 146 years. and billy bush breaks his silence about the decade-old tape that futured a lewd conversation with donald trump. hear what he says about getting fired and his explanation for what happened to his daughter. a little girl pulled into the water by a sea lion. the witnesses who shot this
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a tatal stabbing this weekend at the university of maryland is being investigated this morning as a possible hate crime. the suspect is allegedly a minimum of a racist facebook group. the vic was an african-american student at another college visiting friends on campus. he had just been commissioned as a second lieutenant in the army and was due to graduate college tomorrow. new overnight we've learned that three of five inmates who escaped in alabama have been found. all five vanished from a jail about 60 miles outside montgomery late saturday night. one suspect reportedly
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surrendered. two others captured. two still on the run. those two are considered armed and dangerous. we still don't know how those suspects got away. comedian bill cosby's secretary assault trial gets under way today when jury selection begins. the 79-year-old cosby is expected to be in the pittsburgh courtroom. it was moved here to get a new jury but it is not expected he will testify during the trial. at issue is whether he drugged and molested a temple university woman's basketball team manager at his home. cosby claims the encounter was consensual and faces up to ten years in prison if convicted. billy bush is speak out for the first time about that controversial video with donald trump that imploded his television career. bush tells "the hollywood reporter" he wishes he changed the subject. he also talks about how his then 15-year-old daughter called him crying asking why he was laughing at what trump said. bush says he told her he had no good answer and that he was, quote, really sorry.
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you can hear more from billy bush in his first tv interview with robin roberts later on "good morning america." end of an era. ringling brothers and barnum & bailey has brought down the curtain on its final show and took the final bow last night on new york's long island amid a slump in ticket sales and growing criticism from animal rights activists among many others. the circus began 146 years ago, 1871 the year. now, before the invention of the telephone, the light bulb mind you, more than 400 circus performers are now out of a job. when we come back, days before the memorial day weekend, a popular beach is closed after 25 great whites spotted in the water. >> all right, no thanks. caught on camera. a building on fire falling onto a firefighter. we'll tell you what happened to him next.
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high-tech rescue operation in southern california. that 35-foot-long humpback appeared trapped among the docks in ventura harbor and even hit a boat at one point. they used an underwater speaker that played whale noises to guide it out to sale. it's like dory in "finding nemo." watch out for wet conditions from texas into the northeast and great lakes and from the rockies into the great plains. if you're flying you might find airport delays in new orleans, washington, d.c., philadelphia, new york city and boston. quite a few. and one family's visit to the coast turned foo an an afternoon of terror. >> it was on a dock reportedly feeding a sea lion when the animal did this. grabbing that young girl pulling her into the water. here's abc's eva pilgrim. >> the shocking moment a sea lion jumps out of the water grabbing a little girl pulling her in. >> oh! >> reporter: a man reportedly a
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relative jumping in after her amazingly able to rescue her in a matter of seconds. bystanders help pull them both out. >> are you all right? >> reporter: the little girl shaken but alive. moments before the chaotic scene erupted the animal was wooing the crowd, some of the visitors feeding it. at one point it lunges up. the little girl laughs but moments after she sat down, the sea lion lunged again. this time pulling her in. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: michael fujiwara was there. >> i never seen anything like that. everyone was gasping and screaming, it was pretty crazy. >> reporter: authorities were grateful in one was hurt but serves as a warning do not feed wild animals. going viral in what was the scare of a lifetime. luckily everyone here walking away. eva pilgrim, abc news.
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>> just so hard to watch that video even though you know it ends okay. and they do say there are signs posted alt around the area not to feed the animals precisely for this reason. they say this is an aggression. they get frustrated if you start feeding them and then stop. >> normally not aggressive but great thinking on that man that was looking -- that was witnessing all of this. in the meantime, in southern california it wasn't sea lions but sharks that forced the lifeguards to close a popular beach. swimmers and surfers in san clemente were ordered out of the water after 25 sharks, some of them as long as ten feet, were spotted near the shore, wasn't long before two other sharks likely juvenile great whites were also seen nearby. it's the third time this year that this stretch of beach has closed due to shark sightings and ginger is going swimming with sharks today in the bahamas on "gma." ekes. >> she knows they'll be there and have the proper protection.
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>> it'll be a live 360 view of sharks. >> a michigan firefighter was trapped when this burning building fell on top of him captured on video. you can see part of that gas station fell on him as he was trying to battle this fire on saturday. luckily his fellow firefighters were right there and they managed to pull him to safety. he was treated and released from the hospital. and time now to check in on sports. the celtics pulled off quite a stunner. >> quite a comeback. here's espn highlights. >> good morning, america. good morning, utica. >> john buccigross, john anderson. the celtics, cavs were up 21 points at one point in the third quarter and then the lead went away. 20 seconds and kyrie irving gets to the rim. smart to avery bradley out of a time-out and members bounce.
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what will you do with that tenth of a second? nothing. we'll concede. bradley rolls it home and the celtics win it, 111-108. now, you might have seen this. it started 3:00 in the afternoon yesterday. penguins up 5-0. malkin to crosby to phil kessel. the no-look pass, the tap-in goal and penguins one win away from returning to the stanley cup final for the second year in a row and won it last year. >> scott dixon won the pole for the indy 500. we're driving. >> good morning, america. >> thanks, john. >> okay. up next, like a dance move that cher was doing. they're first award show performance in more than a decade. >> wow. and the $10 garage sale purchase that's now worth a whole lot more. before fibromyalgia, i was a doer. i was active. then the chronic, widespread pain drained my energy. my doctor said moving more helps ease fibromyalgia pain.
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♪ it is your monday "pulse." we will go out to vegas where they're still partying, the billboard music awards, of course. >> party in vegas all the time. now they have a special occasion. nicki minaj kicked things off with a nine-minute routine and that all happened before drake went ahead and racked up win after win and smashed adele's record with 13 awards for the night. >> yeah, and he made three acceptance speeches including one where he just gushed all over nicki minaj. they're in love and such. cher brought down the house. she received an icon award. you see her there performing. so she danced to her anthem "believe" in some sort of glittery rope thing. there was one pink pasty that i noticed. platinum blond wig. >> is that a wardrobe malfunction. no, one pasty. then got conservative in a
4:23 am
sheer blackstocking body suit. and, of course, the giant curly black 'do for "if i could turn back time." >> and reveal what had she does to stay in shape. >> i can do a five-minute plank. just saying. >> a five-minute plank. >> i'm exhausted just thinking about it. >> a five-minute plank. this is celine dion watching cher backstage. ♪ really don't think you're strong enough ♪ now to a bidal shower like no other. a woman in brazil is bucking the traditional trend ahead of her big day. >> as one of just four women in her engineering class the bride-to-be was a little short on girlfriends and decided to have bridesmales. having a blast before the wedding with facials and pink
4:24 am
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>> good morning i'm tamala edwards, it is monday, may 22. we have several new and breaking stories on "action news," gunfire injured two people inside a new castle county home. we've a live report with the latest developments. shots fired at an intersection in chester sends a person to the hospital. this morning jurors will decide the fate of bill cosby are being chosen hundreds of miles away from the delaware valley. we have the latest from pittsburgh. we'll have more on "action news." are kids even when they come from royal families. >> even if they're the future king. a meltdown by prince george happened in full view of the
4:28 am
cameras during the wedding of his aunt pippa, one of the most anticipated of the year. here's lama hasan. >> reporter: it was the wedding of the year. pippa middleton marrying her beloved james matthew but saturday night all eyes were in search of prince harry and captivating date american actress meghan markle. the two cementing their couple status at the lavish middleton reception in bucklebury. harry and his lady, a he cueing a high-profile appearance so the bride wouldn't be upscaled. >> he doesn't like his privacy being broken. >> reporter: it was pippa's niece and nephew who stole the show. princess charlotte performing flower girl duties while prince george charmed as a page boy. though a misstep involving pippa's dress led to this dressing down by mom kate who spent the day keeping eight of the youngest guests in line.
4:29 am
>> someone had to look after them and looked like it was kate and she seemed to have done a very good job. >> reporter: after the newly married couple escaped in this vintage jaguar it was off to that magnificent reception. the rich and famous turning out including roger federer and harry's cousin princess eugenie. >> the royals keeping it real. you cannot touch your aunt's dress. >> he thought it was a beautiful dress like the rest of us did. thought he'd touch it. >> hard to blame him, right? >> still adorable even when they' they're crying. >> that's what's making news in america this morning. >> stay with us for "good morning america" and have a great monday. good morning it s
4:30 am
4:30 a.m., monday, may 22. we're following breaking news, gunfire inside a new castle county home sends a man and a woman to the hospital. we're live on the scene. investigators are looking at a suspicious house fire in north philadelphia where a pregnant woman was found dead. >> president trump is planning to land in israel after addressing muslim nations in saudi arabia. >> we'll have those stories, but first let's go over to david


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